Otherwise known as Atat, outrun is also a leader of The 7 Stars he does currently does not have a Shikabane Hime but will hopefully obtain one, from what ive heard he like to fap :3 FROSTY THINKS UR VOICE IS VEEEEEEEEEERY CUTE Also known as jorge..quotes blaarg,blarg chicka honk honk,shmmmeeeee,ow herp derp,So Sayo I heard you like fap. I hang with buds kickin butt. favorite weapon is machine gun turret current rank general grade 4. very nice mean when critizised. left from onyx.and for the one annoying 5thing is the fap sound.not fit for bein mean. is never a noob frend of all except for Omegaclanleader who has lied to usand my frends./:( WE ARE THE 7 STARS AND WE CANT BE BEAT! <(^.^)>its a cat a kitty cat to a meow meow meow...

friends sayosiner,Ajent warfare, demonic instinct,redwire,nikoli,frostygriff,dek shadow,neko chan,spwim,shade,pieonamotobike