Welcome to the The 7 Stars WikiEdit

Hello, welcome to The 7 Stars guild hub for now, this is where updates, rules, and other things will be kept for the guild. We are an Elder Scrolls Online guild based on the EU server in the Daggerfall Covenant. We have a range of different items and services for sale however most importantly we offer the chance for any member to become a hunter of Hircine, a Werewolf, for no charge whatsoever. We accept any race and any class and offer the chance for a fun, close knit community of people looking to enjoy the game for what it is.

Members Edit

Leaders: Jordan O'Reilly, aColdSniperXxX

Members: N/A

Item Prices Edit

Werewolf bite: 500 gold (Free for members)

Heavy Armour: Edit

Iron Armour: Khajiit style: Custom Style:

Steel Armour: Khajiit style: Custom Style:

Medium Armour: Edit

Light Armour: Edit

Potions: Edit

Health Potions: 10 Gold at level 1 (10xLevelOfPotion)

Magicka Potions: 10 Gold at level 1 (10xLevelOfPotion)

Stamina Potion: 10 Gold at level 1 (10xLevelOfPotion)

Mix 'n' Match Potion (Contact O'Reilly for more details.) 50 Gold at level 1 (50x LevelOfPotion)

Note: Prices are HALVED if the materials are brought to us rather than us using our own. Edit

Jobs Available Edit

Blacksmithing: Edit

Crafter: aColdSniperXxX

Material Collecter:

Alchemist: Edit

Crafter: Jordan O'Reilly

Material Collecter:

Enchanter: Edit


Material Collecter: