Info About LavishSpoon19 I am LavishSpoon19. I have been in 4 clans before the 7 stars. I have also led one of them and help lead a another clan. In my other clans. In my time with my other clans I never lost a clan battle. I have been a halo fan since halo combat evolved. My favorite weapon is the assualt rifle. My current rank in the clan is monk.
Assault Rifle right2

My favorite weapon

But i hope to get a Shikabane Hime soon. My current rank in Halo Reach is Brigadier Grade 3 but soon i will be a General.


  • People who only use Rocket Launchers,Plasma Launchers, Spartan Lasers,Fuel Rods and concussion Rifles
  • People who think there good for killing a high ranked person
  • Being T-baged after being killed