DemonicInstinct is a leader of the 7 star clan and is the contracted monk of Spswim. He is also Sayosiner's Best friend. Demonic has a low K/D only because at Sayo's and Demon's early friendship Sayosiner had a thing for Grifball. Now his K/D is rising greatly with Sayo's help.

Demonic is fun as hell but his brother is gay as hell. Who can't get some from any girl.

Demonicinstinct and Sayosiner's Power together

Together Sayo and Demon have not lost a clan battle together. They should be known as the Ying and Yang of Halo. Sayosner as Ying which is the side of good and Demonic as Yand which is the side of evil. Together there power is balanced and they become Gods which is what Sayo says all the time. It is not a good idea to face them together unless you want to rage like a bitch. To see how well the work together ask Sayosiner for 3 diffrent video's known a

s Worst Clan #1,2,3. Some of the the comments Saosiner recieved were

"You guys have aim bots. There's no way that killed me! Where the hell are they killing us from!!"

They game types the played on were Slayer on Spire, Elite Slayer on a costom made map by the other team, and Slayer on another costom made map with unfair settings. Each and every single battle Sayosiner and

Demonicinstinct won.

Sayosiner DemonicInstinct

Demon so very angy

Demon o so very angy

Naruto ninetails beast BOMB 0 21

Naruto favorite anime

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Angel beats

Gray blood ice

When Demons pissed he will use any means necessary to kill you even if that means using his own blood


Dragon ballz

Fairy tail

second favorite close to being first


Sayo and Demon fight over who should tell frosty that sayo took her cookie


Demon pissed


Bow down to the Demon King